What will you learn in the Food Freedom Program?

Topics Covered

What's your ED?

The Voice of Sabotage

Moderation vs Abstinence

Importance of Nutrition


Handling Withdrawal


Danger Zones

Using HALT

Stages of Grief

Language/Stinking Thinking

Short Term Strategies

ED Lies

Fighting Back Against ED


Deserve Level and Self Worth


Numbers Obsession

Changes in Relationships

Honeymoon Period

Navigating Holidays & Social Situations

Dealing With Outside Influences

Prioritizing Food Sobriety

The Layers of Sobriety

Lifetime Sobriety

Attitude of Gratitude

Staying Connected

You Deserve Food Freedom!

You can find your food freedom. You can have that healthy and sustainable relationship with food that you have always desperately wanted. Everything you need to know to get on that path is in my Food Freedom program. Taught to you by a certified specialist who knows the struggle of food addiction and eating disorders.

As someone who has struggled with my own food addiction, binge eating, bulimia and compulsive eating, I understand the pain, shame, guilt, hoplessness, frustration, disappointment and isolation that comes with so many failed attempts to "just be normal with food." I felt like I would never overcome it.

This is why I am so passionate about helping people just like you get free from food obsession and emotional eating that has led you to where you are now, desperately seeking a solution and tired of the back and forth, on and off.

You deserve to be free of the mental anguish and health reprecussions that having a disordered relationship with food has brought you. You deserve to be happy, healthy, free of low calorie, unsustainable starvation diets.

Pursuing a life of food sobriety and life lasting change begins with learning the information, skills, tools, and strategies to get food sober. You will create new lasting habits, find root causes, and learn to navigate all those life situations that have previously derailed you and you'll combat that voice of sabotage that has kept you from healing.

My coaching and program has been created with one thing in mind: Helping you find the food freedom you deserve so that you can live the life you have always wanted. A life where food takes the back burner and doesn't control you.

You Deserve Food Freedom!

  • 77 page PDF
  • Real Food Ketogenic Food List
  • Coach Mary's Restaurant Guide
  • Get Your Mind Right E-book

  • 77 page PDF
  • Real Food Ketogenic Food List
  • Coach Mary's Restaurant Guide
  • Get Your Mind Right E-book
  • Upto 1 Hour Consult With Mary

What Food Freedom Clients Are Saying

THIS is the program that got me food sober! It taught me how to avoid the triggers that set me on a path of destruction. The information that I got from THIS program has motivated me to take care of me, to stay the course, to make food decisions from a place of power. THIS is the teaching and support everyone needs.

Donna S.

I remember the first time I heard you speak a few years ago. You said things OUT LOUD most of us with ED would never say. Because of your courage, you helped me overcome the shame I have dealt with my whole life. You are a badass and such an inspiration!

Casey R.

My only regret about this program is that I didn't start it sooner! I am so grateful to Mary! If you're on the fence get off and take the leap! You won't regret it, I promise.

Cathy C.


77 page PDF

60 Daily Lessons

-Daily Reading

-Daily Journaling Prompts


Suggested Food List

A suggested food list of generally food sober safe foods

Restaurant Guide

Suggestions and tips for navigating all your favorite restaurants

Getting My Mind Right

E-Book of Mary's story. Her life and journey with ED

More Testimonials

The content of the Food Freedom program is full of practical wisdom and tools. I appreciated Mary's honest sharing of her experience with her eating disorder and how she got food sober. She is super approachable and helpful. I highly recommend this program to anyone struggling to get healthy in their eating and relationship to food.

Susan K.

I am celebrating another 51 days of going binge free. I feel I have made so much progress over the last 6 months of having you as my coach and I have learned so much! Thank you for your guidance insight, and encouragement. I know I am still on the recovery road but now I have the tools to better navigate through it.

Janelle G.

Start Today!

  • 77 page PDF
  • Real Food Ketogenic Food List
  • Coach Mary's Restaurant Guide
  • Get Your Mind Right E-book
  • Access to Mary's Food Freedom Tribe FREE Commuity

  • 77 page PDF
  • Real Food Ketogenic Food List
  • Coach Mary's Restaurant Guide
  • Get Your Mind Right E-book
  • Upto 1 Hour Consult With Mary
  • Access to Mary's Food Freedom Tribe FREE Community