Building Healthy Habits Challenge

Ready to build a foundation of healthy habits that can transform your life? 🌟

Join my 6-week Building Healthy Habits Challenge and discover the power of intentional living! 💪✨

I'll guide you through identifying habits that align with your goals, breaking free from limiting habits, mastering habit stacking, creating an environment that supports healthy choices, finding joy in healthy living, practicing habit substitution, and staying accountable every step of the way.

Challenge Includes:

11 page PDF Workbook with Habit Trackers (You choose the habits!)

Weekly Email

Are you ready to level up your life and embrace a future of health, wealth, and satisfaction? Want to do this with a friend? Send them this link to make this challenge even more fun!

Only $6 for 6 Weeks

Client Testimonials

The content of the Food Freedom program is full of practical wisdom and tools. I appreciated Mary's honest sharing of her experience with her eating disorder and how she got food sober. She is super approachable and helpful. I highly recommend this program to anyone struggling to get healthy in their eating and relationship to food.

Susan K.

I am celebrating another 51 days of going binge free. I feel I have made so much progress over the last 6 months of having you as my coach and I have learned so much! Thank you for your guidance insight, and encouragement. I know I am still on the recovery road but now I have the tools to better navigate through it.

Janelle G.

2023 Food Freedom With Mary